Our Portal

Bush & Campbell has a new client communication internet Portal.

Bush & Campbell offers all clients the opportunity to receive their correspondence electronically.

For those who love opening envelopes, that’s fine you won’t be forced onto a computer, but it is almost daily that we are asked by clients to email them a copy of their tax return or financial statements. We are increasingly conscious of the threat posed by identity theft and fraud and want to go one better than email.

If you hate paper, we are providing a secure portal on the internet to deliver documents to you, and for you to deliver them to us.  You can upload things like data files, copies of documents, loan agreements etc, anything you have in electronic format.

Using the same data encryption as the banks, our new platform allows us to upload for you documents like, Tax Returns, Financial Statements, Assessment Notices, PAYG letters, all other ATO correspondence, and Financial Plans etc securely.  Once uploaded you can access these anytime.

This portal saves you the hassle of scanning your own electronic copy of important tax documents, allows you to keep all of your personal tax information in the one secure place and gives you the opportunity to view a copy of your uploaded documents, whenever you wish, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you should have any queries in relation to our secure portal please don’t hesitate to contact us.