Kickstart your Holiday Marketing

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The festive season often presents a time of increased sales for small businesses. 

Proactively seeking out seasonal opportunities can help to boost not only your sales but your business’ customer base. 

Here are five ways to kickstart your holiday marketing efforts: 

Join force 

Pair up with a similar local business that compliments your business’ products and services to provide a combined holiday offer. A holiday partnership can open up opportunities to reach new customers that you might not have come into contact with through your own business. The key is to find the right partner - ideally a non-competing business with similar customers to yours. 

Get creative 

The festive season is a great opportunity to show off your creativity. For example, you can create a store window display or decorate your office (if you are service-based), give 

clients a customised thank-you gift, provide gift suggestions and so forth. To boost your online profile, you may want to add a holiday banner to your website, develop landing pages for specific products and promotions, and send out a holiday focused email marketing campaign. If the holidays are your slow season, tailor campaigns for the new year instead. 

Exhaust your social media 

Social media can boost your business’ reach and visibility immensely, so use it to your advantage. Launch a holiday marketing campaign and advertise it heavily on all your social channels. Use your social presence to create a holiday thank you video, post holiday messages, advertise your opening hours and advise of any last-minute cancellations or openings. 

Target new customers 

The holiday season is the perfect time to attract new customers and hopefully convert them into long-term, repeat customers. Use sales promotion techniques such as discounts, 

competitions, free samples, giveaways, vouchers, and limited-time offers to create demand and reel in new customers. 

Add perks 

For some businesses, it is simply not feasible to use sales promotion techniques such as discounts at this time of year. Alternatively, you can add value to your existing products and services by including some additional perks such as free shipping, gift-wrapping, guaranteed-before-Christmas delivery, and rewarding loyal customers with a bonus. If you are a service-based business, consider extending your availability for appointments.

Cristy Houghton