Identity crime - protecting your personal information

Identity crime happens when someone uses a stolen, manipulated, or assumed identity to commit fraud or other crimes. It can involve creating a new identity, false identity, or using stolen information to impersonate someone else.

Identity crime and you

Criminals can start using your identity with some basic details, such as your name, date of birth, address, myGov details and tax file number (TFN). If your identity is stolen, it can take a long time to fix and you could face financial problems. You may also have problems getting a job or a loan, renting a house or applying for government services or benefits.

Identity crime affects individuals and businesses.

You can now enrol and use your voiceprint to verify your identity the next time you use ATO app to access online services or when you phone them. This extra layer of security will help us protect your tax account and reduce the chances of scammers accessing your account and information.

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