More Defaulting Charities to be Deregistered by the ACNC

The ACNC has announced its intention to revoke the registrations of approximately 200 more charities who have now defaulted on the lodgement of their 2013 and 2014 Annual information Statements (AIS). The notice comes after extensive efforts by the ACNC to contact these charities, who now have 28 days to contact the ACNC. If they fail to do so their charitable status will be revoked, resulting in the loss of their charity tax concessions.

The latest ACNC Commissioner's Column discusses the revocation warning and also the risk of similar action facing a further 8000 charities who have not lodged 2014 AIS’s relating to either their 30 June or 31 December 2014 year end. ACNC Commissioner Susan Pascoe used the column to encourage charities to ensure their lodgements are up to date by visiting the ACNC’s charity portal and to make use of the variety of lodgement assistance resources on the ACNC’s 2014 AIS webpage.

The Commissioner’s Column also reminds entities that 2015 AIS lodgements for June year end are now open (and due by 31 January 2016) and discusses the work, including public meetings, currently being done to consult on the content of the 2016 AIS which is currently open for comment (can be made here).