Mathew Smith CA

A Chartered Accountant, Mathew Smith is the most recent Director appointed at Bush & Campbell.

Joining the firm in 2008 as part of the cadetship program, Mathew specialises in advice for all taxation and business needs including cash flow analysis and projections, business development and growth strategies, GST, Capital Gains Tax, payroll, business structuring and succession planning.

Mathew has experience across a range of industries including transport, real estate, medical services and primary production, which gives him a broad understanding of the local community and its interactions with business.

A self-confessed ‘numbers geek’, Mathew enjoys working through complex calculations and analyses but is at his best when understanding a client’s situation and working with them to realise their dreams and ambitions. It’s putting a plan in place and seeing it through to fruition that gives him the most satisfaction.

You’ve got to have an expert to manage clients and manage the problems that pop up day-to-day. If your car breaks down, you want to go to a qualified mechanic who can sort it out; same with your business. You need an expert. If your business has got issues, you don’t seek advice from a stranger at your local, you want to talk to someone that knows business, how to deal with real-life business issues and someone who has solutions to those issues. You need an expert.
— Mathew Smith

SPECIALTIES: Accounting, tax, income tax, corporate tax, tax returns, financial reporting, cash flow, tax advisory

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