Peter King CA

CEO and Director at Bush & Campbell

Unpacking complex financial issues and helping clients solve their problems is what Peter King does best. As a Chartered Accountant, Peter specialises in audit, taxation and business advice and is one of a handful of Registered Company Auditors in the region.

Meticulous, driven and focused, Peter strives to deliver his clients peace of mind by staying current in a constantly changing economic and legislative environment.

Commencing as a cadet in 1990, Peter has been vital to the growth of Bush & Campbell’s audit department. After becoming one of the youngest ever partners at the firm, he has developed a specialised audit team to cater for the market in ways other firms cannot. Over the years he has continued to grow and develop this clientele. 

Peter also applies his plain English approach to advising clients on corporate structures, changing entities, tax effective investments, valuations and bank finance.

By embracing the culture and work ethic put in place by previous partners, Peter’s enthusiasm and ability to foster new clients has made him one of the region’s most sought-after practitioners. He is proud of the firm’s long history and sees himself as a custodian of the Bush & Campbell legacy.

Bush & Campbell stands for integrity and credibility. We’ve been there for such a long period of time and when we interview cadets I always explain that the goodwill factor is a really hard thing to create, it’s taken us 100 years to create. We focus heavily on that because, like a lot of things, it can be lost really easily and you can’t take it for granted.
— Peter King

SPECIALTIES: Auditing, assurance, finance, taxation, external audit, internal audit, internal controls, business advice, management.

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